Implementation of Q-Codes

Following the Wonca dictionary, action-research is a “research strategy dealing with the study of a social situation, and, at the same time, intended to improve the quality of action. The two central concerns, improvement in practice and increased knowledge, and understanding, are linked together”.[1]

Increased knowledge and understanding of the content of GP/FM  are the core issues; What is the content of General Practice/Family Practice? What do we need to teach when dealing with trainees attracted to this theoretically well defined [2] but practically non-delimited profession?

We are here dealing with knowledge management for primary care. The family doctor is central to the distribution of care at the first level of the health system and mastering the field’s knowledge is thereby essential. We hope that those researches will in the same time help the trainees discover the field of GP/FM and use their capacities to make proposals for new entries in 3CGP.

Several implementations or researches using Q-Codes are described

  •  Multi-Label Text Classification of Medical Abstracts. first attempt to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for the automatisation of abstracts by Q-Codes and ICPC (3CGP) by Sebastien Rigaux. Master thesis in Computer sciences. ULg 2015.
  • Indexing final work of trainees in GP/FM in Belgium. The study is paper and pencil based. Trainees from three French-speaking Belgian universities will feed an online database with their proposals for indexing their work with 3CGP (2017 – in French)
  •  Knowledge engineering techniques  such as Natural Language Processing using both the sophisticated multi-terminological medical knowledge server of the Department of Information and Informatics of the Rouen University (France)  and the automatic concept extraction facilities called ECTMV3 (2017 – in French).
  • First attempt to index a congress with 3CGP. conducted by our Brazilian colleagues of the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine (SBMFC). ( 2017 – in Portuguese)
  • Use of Q-Codes as a source of bibliography in the final work of an undergraduate student (Free university of Brussels – 2016 – in French)
  • Use of Q-Codes for indexation of the bibliographic database of the Wonca Special Interest Group in Quaternary Prevention (2017 – multilingual)
  • Using Q-Codes in an e-learning program, Vietnam, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, by Thành Liêm Võ MD, PhD. Family Physician, Lecturer in Family Medicine.

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