ICPC-2 is the International Classification of Primary Care second edition produced by the Wonca International Classification Committee

  • For more information about ICPC-2 and its various use as well as for contacting WICC members please consider  http://www.ph3c.org/
  • The web pages of the Departement d’Information et  d’informatique médicale, Rouen University allow you to consult ICPC-2 in 21 languages see

Main tree ICPC : http://hetop.eu/hetop/?la=en&rr=CIP_C_ARBO

Process ICPC : http://hetop.eu/hetop/?la=en&rr=CIP_C_ARBOPROC

  • You can download here various ICPC-2 copy desk in A4 recto verso format

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ICPC-2 Process has been updated by the WICC process group (Chair Prof marten Kwist) and edited on December 2016, available here in pdf format

en English          fr French

ICPC-2 Process is also available as a classified term list in A4 format recto-verso , also available in Excell fit for computer use

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  • The last release of ICPC-E database including updated mappings to ICD-10 can be downloaded on the Norvegian KITH ICPC repository

Note that ICPC-2 is copyrighted by WONCA. ICPC-2 is free of use for research and development. Consider contacting WONCA Executive (ceo@wonca.net) for any commercial or nationwide use.