Department of Family Practice. ULg Belgique.

Marc Jamoulle MD, PhD applicant


LITIS(Laboratoire Informatique, Traitement de unifrouenl’Information et Systèmes) D2IM  Rouen University, France.

Stefan Darmoni, MD, PhD. Julien Grosjean, Ir, PhD, Gaetan Kerdelhue.

hec-liege-logoHEC Management School (Information Systems), ULg Belgique

Ashwin Ittoo, PhD.

logo_esaip_ecole_ingenieurs_angers_grasse silkinfo-webSilk Informatics. Angers France.

Christian Simon and students of Angers school of Engineering. France



People of the MERITERM group




Q-Codes Working group of the Wonca International Classification Committee



Several colleagues have announced their interest in joining the translation group.

Esperance Segikwiye will translate in Kinyarrwanda. She is from Rwanda and is GP in Belgium

Maciek Godycki GP in Poland, Marius Marginean GP in Romania  have also announced they will translate. Ali-Shukor is a Public health specialist leaving in Vancouver and together with Serdal Sanak, student in medicine in Belgium. They are planning to translate in Khurdish with the help of Kurdish GPs from Irak.