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2019 Research with 3CGP

2018  Research with 3CGP

  • Tavares, A., Santiago, L. M., Jamoulle, M., Rosendo, I., & Simões, J. A. (2019). Context and practice of the final work of pre graduate student in General Practice / Family Medicine. Use of 3GCP in Integrated Master’s of Medicine at the University of Coimbra. Family Medicine and Primary Care Review. In Press. Retrieved from
  • Jamoulle, M., Knuppe Augusto, D., Pizzanelli, M., de Oliveira Tavares, A., Resnick P., M., Grosjean, J., & Darmoni, S. (2018). Une base de connaissance multilingue et dynamique en ligne pour la médecine générale et les soins primaires [An online dynamic multilingual knowledge repository for General Practice and Primary Health Care]. The Pan African Medical Journal, In Press. Retrieved from 
  • Marc Jamoulle, Ayoub Zayane, Patrick Ouvrard. How to Find PubMed Specific Quotes for Family Medicine and Primary Health Care.   Comment trouver sur  PubMed les citations spécifiques à la  Médecine générale et aux  Soins de Santé Primaires . Additional document for the workshop : A knowledge management system for general practice / family medicine, how does it work practically?   April 7, 2018, 11h00 – 12h30.  Room 243.  GMGF 2018, Paris
  • de Oliveira Tavares, A. (2018). Contexto e Clínica nos Trabalhos de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Geral e Familiar em Coimbra Índice. Mestrado integrado em medicina – trabalho final. Faculdade de medicina da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.
  • Marc Jamoulle, MD, PhD  Qualitative analysis of the communications to the WONCA group Vasco De Gama annual meeting 2018, Porto. Report to the VDGM group. January 2018
  • Marc Jamoulle, Ariana de Oliveira Tavares, Susana Medeiros, Luís Miguel Santiago, Daniel Knupp. Core Content Classification in General Practice/Family Medicine (3CGP). À New indexing system for General Practice Knowledge management. Conference proceeding. 5h Vasco De Gama Forum. Porto. 26-27 January 2018
  • Melissa P. Resnick, M.S., M.L.S., Ph.D. (Candidate), Elena Cardillo, M.S., Ph.D.,  Marc Jamoulle, M.D., Ph.D.  ,Magdala de Araujo Novaes, Ph.D.  Frank S. Shamenek, M.L.S., J.D..  Towards the Semantic Annotation of Second Opinion Requests from Rural Brazilian Primary Healthcare Providers: the Q-Codes Use Case.   Porto, July 9–11, 2018, Portugal .  15th International ISKO conference  Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto (Accepted abstract)

2018   Diffusion of 3CGP

  • European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN) meeting. 10-13 May 2018 , Lille, France. Marc Jamoulle (be), Daniel Knupp Augusto (br) , Miguel Pizzanelli (ur). Knowledge management in general practice / family medicine through the Core Content Classification (3CGP), a new indexation tool. (abstract)
  • Congres de Médecine Générale France. Paris  April 5-7  : Workshop : Jamoulle 1-2, J. Grosjean 2, M. Schuers 2, S. Darmoni 2, P.Ouvrard 3   1Dep Gen Pract. University of Liege, Belgium – Liege (Belgique), 2D2IM University of Rouen – Rouen(France). 3 SFTG – Paris (France)  A Knowledge Management System for General Practice / Family. Medicine, how does it work practically ? (abstract) (presentation .pdf)(exercises) (Q-Codes & ICPC-2 copy desk) (Take home paper)

 2017                Core Content Classification of General Practice/ Family Medicine

Jamoulle M. A system of concepts in Family Medicine. Multilingual Indexing in General Practice/Family Medicine in the era of semantic web. Thesis in medical sciences. Department of General Practice. University of Liege, Belgium. Dec 8, 2017. 308p.  

Marc Jamoulle, Melissa Resnick, Julien Grosjean, Ashwin Ittoo, Elena Cardillo, Robert Vander Stichele, Stefan Darmoni & Marc Vanmeerbeek. Development, dissemination, and applications of a new terminological resource, the Q-Code taxonomy for professional aspects of general practice/family medicine. EJGP  2017 

 2017                         About Q-Codes knowledge base

Jamoulle M, Resnick M, Grosjean J, Ittoo A, Cardillo E, Vander Stichele R, et al. European journal of general practice. [Internet]. Vol. accepted, European Journal of General Practice. Taylor & Francis; 2017 . Available from:

Jamoulle M, Resnick M, Ittoo A, Vander Stichele R, Cardillo E, Grosjean J, et al. Indexing grey multilingual literature in General Practice in the era of Semantic Web. 2017 Oct 23.

 Jamoulle M, Grosjean J, Resnick M, Ittoo A, Treuherz A, Vander Stichele RH, et al. A terminology in General Practice / Family Medicine to represent non-clinical aspects for various usages : the Q-Codes. Medical Informatics Europe (MIE2017) Informatics for Health 2017 . 2017;(April):1–5. (accepted)

Jamoulle M, Schuers M, Ouvrard P, Grosjean J, Darmoni S. Les Q-Codes et la terminologie multilingue de médecine générale et de famille.   Congrès de Médecine Générale, Paris 2017 .

Jamoulle M,  Themes related to prevention in the Q-Codes taxonomy. Call to a collaborative exploration into the abstracts of Europrev meetings. First Europrev meeting;  2017-04-03; Porto, Portugal. 2017

Jamoulle M, Resnick M, Ittoo A, Cardillo E, Vander Stichele R, Vanmeerbeek M. Analysis of definitions of General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Health Care. British Journal of General Practice [Internet]. The College; 2017; accepted. Available from:

Augusto, D. K., Rebolho, R., Jamoulle, M., Poli Neto, P., & Gusso, G. (2017). Coding of papers submitted to the 14th Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina de Família e Comunidade (abstract & poster).


2016                         The terminology in GP/FM

Jamoulle M, Mariño MA, La Valle R, Pizzanelli M. Terminología multilingüe en medicina general y de familia – Versión española. Jumet, Belgium: Care Editions; 2016 64p. Available from:

Jamoulle M. Q-Code, version 2.5, multilingual tabular list (en, fr, es, pt, nl, tr, ko, vi) copy desk. Jumet, Belgium: Care Editions; 2016. 

Jamoulle M, Châu NT, Vi TTH, Duyên NTB, Võ TL. Từ điển thuật ngữ đa ngôn ngữ về y học tổng quát và y học gia đình . 2016 . 1-62 p. Vietnamese version . Jumet, Belgium: Care Editions; 2016. 62 p.Available from:

Jamoulle M, Treuherz A, Gomes LF, Medeiros S, Gusso G. Terminologia Multilíngue de Clínica Geral / Medicina de Família e Comunidade – Versão em Português . Jumet, Belgium: CARE Editions; 2016. 62 p. Available from:

Jamoulle M, Brouns J, Steylaerts C, Wens J. Een meertalige terminologie in de huisartsgeneeskunde – Nederlandse versie . Jumet, Belgium: Care Editions; 2016. 62 p. Available from:

Jamoulle M, Ouvrard P, Schuers M. Terminologie multilingue de médecine générale et de famille – Version française . Jumet: Care Editions; 2016. 62 p. Available from:

Jamoulle M, Resnick MP. General Practice / Family Medicine Multilingual Terminology – English version . Jumet: Care Editions; 2016. 62 p. Available from:

2015                       About MeSH 2016

Jamoulle M. New 2016 MeSH addressing information gap, poverty, violence and danger of medicine set the tone for policy makers in patient care. International Journal of Health Policy and Management [Internet]. Iran; 2016 Apr 1 [cited 2016 Apr 11]; Available from:

2015               Publication in the Journal of the Brazilian association of family and community doctors

 Jamoulle M, Gavilán-Moral E, Cardoso RV, et al. The words of prevention . Part I. Changing the model. Rev Bras Med Família e Comunidade. 2015; (35):1. doi:10.5712/rbmfc10(35)1062.

 Jamoulle M, Gavilán E, Cardoso RV, et al. The words of prevention, part II: ten terms in the realm of quaternary prevention. Rev Bras Med Família e Comunidade. 2015;10(35):1. doi:10.5712/rbmfc10(35)1063.

2015               WONCA CIMF Conference 2015 Montevideo (es)

 Jamoulle M. Análisis de contenido e indexación de 1.600 resúmenes de los trabajos en varios Congreso Europeo de Medicina Familiar. 4° Congreso Iberoamericano de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria Montevideo March 19-21 2015. Montevideo; 2015. (pdf 20 slides).

 Jamoulle M, Pizzanelli M, Grosjean J, Kelderhue G, Darmoni S. International Classification of Primary Care in a cross-lingual terminology portal. 4° Congreso Iberoamericano de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria Montevideo. March 19-21, 2015. Montevideo; 2015.   (award winning poster)

2015               WONCA Europe Conference 2015 Istanbul (en)

 Jamoulle M, Steylaert C. Concept identification and context analysis of the  Wonca Europe 2015 book by instance-based categorization of general practice activities. 2015. Available at: .  data

2015               Sebastien Rigaux. Montefiore Institute. University of Liege

Rigaux S. Multi-label text classification of medical abstracts. Master Thesis in computer science. Liege University 2015.(abstract French)

2015               CISP Club annual meeting. Rouen (fr)

Jamoulle M. [The Q-Codes]. 2015. CISP Club annual meeting, Rouen Available at:

 Jamoulle M. [Bibliographic study with the Q-codes]. 2015. Available at:

 2015       Wonca International Classification Committee annual meeting . Hyderabad. India (by teleconference)

Jamoulle M. The Q-Codes. From Dunedin 2007 to Hyderabad 2015. WICC annual meeting , Hyderabad, India [Internet]. 2015  présentation in pdf.; Available from:

 Jamoulle M, Grosjean J, Darmoni S. Structure of the Q-Codes semantic knowledge base in General Practice/Family Medicine. 2015 Nov 13. Poster in pdf.; Available from:

2013-2016            Publication on Semantic web

Cardillo E, Warnier M, Roumier J, Jamoulle M, Vander Stichele RH. Using ISO and Semantic Web standards for creating a Multilingual Medical Interface Terminology: A use case for Heart Failure. In: Aguado de Cea G, Aussenac-Gilles N, editors. 10th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence TIA 2013 [Internet]. Université Paris 13 – Paris Sorbonne Cité: IRIT; 2013. p. 27–34. Available from:

Jamoulle M, Grosjean J, Darmoni S. Structure of the Q-Codes semantic knowledge base in General Practice/Family Medicine. In: Wonca International Classification Committee annual meeting Nov 13-17 2015 [Internet]. Hyderabad; 2015 [cited 2015 Nov 1]. p. Poster. Available from:

 Jamoulle M, Vander Stichele RH, Cardillo E, Roumier J, Grosjean J, Darmoni S. Semantic Web and the Future of Health Care Data in Family Practice. Merit Res J Med Med Sci [Internet]. 2015;3(12):586–94. Available from:

2013-2016            Publication on ICPC  (see also

 Jamoulle, M., Gusso, G., Juncosa, S., Falcø, E., Buono, N., & Simon, C. (2013). A new website for the Wonca International Classification Committee In Wonca world conference Prague 2013. Retrieved from

Soler, Jean karl, Marc Jamoulle, and Peter Schattner. 2015. “The International Classification of Primary Care.” in The World Book of Family Medicine – European Edition 2015. Ljubljana. Retrieved April 30, 2016

Gusso G, Jamoulle M. From Dictionary to Terminologies / Ontologies in General Practice/Family Medicine Gustavo. In: The World Book of Family Medicine – Iberoamericana Edition 2016. p. Chapter 54 p.1-4.

2014               14 eme congres de la Confederation Nationale des Généralistes Enseignant France (fr)

Jamoulle M, Berkhout C. Analyse de contenu et indexation des résumés de communications des congrès CNGE Clermont 2013 et Lille 2014. In: 14eme congres de la Confederation Nationale des Generalistes Enseignant; 2014:(pdf 14 slides). Available at:

2014            Wonca International Classification Committee Openday , Lisbon 

Jamoulle M. Content analysis of abstracts of communications of GPs during congresses, a step forward. 2014 Sep 6 ; Available from:

2013               Publication in the Journal of Portuguese general practitioners (en)

 Jamoulle M. Using the International Classification for Primary Care (ICPC) and the Core Content Classification for General Practice (3CGP) to classify conference abstracts. Rev Port Med Geral Fam. 2013;29(5):66–67. Available at:

2007               WONCA Europe Conference 2007 Paris (en)

 Jamoulle M. Core Content Classification of General Practice Family Medicine 3CGP/FM. In: WONCA Europe Conference 2007, Paris, France.; 2007. Available at: .

  Jamoulle M, Dekeuster D. Workshop : Towards an e-archive for Wonca documents. In: WONCA Europe Conference 2007, Paris, France.; 2007. Available at: .