The HETOP Web Server

hetop_logo  The access is free providing you make the inscription process.

The HeTOP multi-terminologic web server is a very sophisticated tool. This European cross-lingual portal of health terminologies is intended to index and search Web resources using the Web Ontology Language (OWL-2).

The Health Terminology/Ontology Portal (HeTOP) is offered by the CISMeF team of the University hospital of Rouen, France (LITIS EA 4108). See HeTOP includes the main key health terminologies and aims to provide centralized access to them.

The HeTOP server is linked to MeSH of the National Library of Medicine and to DeCS the system of descriptors of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, WHO, São Paulo, Brazil. It is also linked to Bioportal (

Please consider the tutorials about using HeTOP, using ICPC-2 and Q-Codes in HeTOP, editing HeTOP and relations between Q-Codes and Quaternary prevention